Movies news 2013: “The Legend of Conan”:

“The Legend of Conan”: Arnold Schwarzenegger offers great entertainment and a movie like “300″
Arnold Schwarzenegger, in an interview said a few words about the upcoming cult sequel “The Legend of Conan”. He expected nothing less than great entertainment from the third part of the story of the barbarian Conan.After his appearances in the “Expendables” films, “The Last Stand” and “The Tomb”, action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger will soon embody roles again from his own past. Among other things, a fifth “Terminator” part is planned, as a sequel to “Twins” on the side of Danny DeVito.

Then there is the third appearance as Conan in the planned sequel, “The Legend of Conan”.”I am very excited because I have touted this idea at Universal for some time. Most important in this film will be to treat him as an A-movie like ’300 ‘or these great films and not as a B-movie where one cuts off a few heads and legs and run around with swords.

The public is very demanding. They all ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Superman’, ‘Iron Man’ or ‘The Expendables’ and this normal action films seen. You have seen everything. Therefore, if you watch a Conan movie, they expect a spectacle. We have already tried with ‘Last Stand’, the audience to give things such as car chases and car chase with 200 things through a cornfield. Just crazy stuff that you have never seen before you have to give the audience great entertainment “.

Whether these expectations can be met in “The Legend of Conan”, you will find out in 2014. Then, the third part of the Barbarians trilogy in theatres.

First Pictures of “Grown Ups 2″ with Adam Sandler and “The Call” with Halle Berry

The successor to the hit comedy “Grown Ups” the first official image has been released showing the cast of Kevin James and Adam Sandler in a relaxed mood. Halle Berry has to laugh on the first image to “The Call” .Director Dennis Dugan drummed for “Grown Ups 2″ is back together the entire ensemble: Besides Kevin James Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, David Spade and Chris Rock are back on board.

In the first picture, you can already see the comedy that the actors have great fun again and apparently in the second part will be a lot of making fun.